A wild yet beautiful creature I am
Beneath the sky lies the utmost beauty of mine
Cherished happily all around with dirt she wear so perfect
Never or forever I shall remain as calm as air
I choose to love you in silence
For in silence I find no rejection
I loved you will all my parts
And this part right here is delicate
For you it may intimate or complicate
I will always love you in my own way
Hurt me or break me I will burst into glitter
By nature’s default I am wild with affection
For whom this piece of nature is only delight
Never back down in love I believe
For in love we all bleed till it satisfies
With little dirt on me with little lit inside me
I will shine high with glowing shattered pieces preserved
No one can run from the nature’s plan
For we all will live single or in a clan
Let the it all in the dirt, air, and all love
None to clarify now with blindness fold we will survive