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The first time I saw you,

I didn’t expect that you could be this important to me.

Love is just a word without you and me.

I and you give meaning to what the word love really means.

You give me strength when I can’t pull myself up.

You give me hope when I am about to give up.

You give me love when I feel I need it the most.

I never thought I could be happy as much as I am today,

And this is all because of you.

My life was a mess

But you brought back the happiness I’m longing to feel.

You make me wanna wake up each day,

And every night you are in my dreams,

For you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

Didn’t know that this time would come,

I’ll be loved back by the person I love the most.

Didn’t know that this time would come,

I can be who I really am.

I didn’t need to pretend just to impress you,

Because I know whatever happens,

You’ll accept me for who I am.

You give me the assurance that I can be loved unconditionally.

You never let me feel that I’m alone.

When I need you, you give me your shoulder so I can lean on.

They say home is not a place but a feeling

And I knew what it felt like when you wrap your arms around me.

You are my home, you are my safe place.

When you open your arms, I can embrace and listen to the sound of your heart.

Every beat it makes,

It makes me think that

As long as you live I can be loved,

As long as you breathe

You will be here right beside me ready to pick me up.

Your love is one of a kind.

Your love is genuine.

The way you love me is the way I love to be loved.

The way you caress my shoulders feels like I’m so secured.

The way you hold my hand send shivers to my bones.

Because our hearts synchronize its beats,

Our hearts became together as one.

I couldn’t love anyone else in this world,

But there’s only one person I love…

And it’s You.


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