Breaking Boundaries is a show of strength. Like being a clown – you take all the pain and hurt IN yet you face the world with a smile plastered on your face.


Feeling of emptiness
Hallow shadow and darkness
urge to cry is present..
Grimaced face is observed

Sadness come my way
body is like a candle… malaise
Need for comfort heightened
Embrace of a mother,
a family, I seek a father…

I am a nobody!
a non-perfect human.
dumb, profound, retarded
a helpless young lady,
misunderstood and judged for real.

Through it all, in hurt I hide. Cried every night, myself divide.
Tolerate the pain, in my world I strive
a different person in their presence I maybe,
I am a clown and I wanna be free!
Kind-hearted, patient, I live with thee.
Sadness, you will never see!


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