Paradise Not Lost

Paradise Not Lost

Paradise Not Lost


Jesus, here is my heart.
Can you hear it beating?
Life is falling apart…
Feels heavy I’m leaning…

Jesus, here is my mind…
Memories you can find
Are impure and unkind;
To you, I’m not aligned.

My dreams turn to ashes;
The ark I made crashes…
Fruits of my sins I reap
I am now a lost sheep.

I accepted the lies
Ran away from the truth…
And like a lost fire fly
I chase after my youth.

Exhausted but can’t sleep…
As voices keep me up…
Screaming, “Just give it up!!!”
All I can do is weep…

Jesus…I surrender
I am an offender!!!
Fragile as morning dew
Stained with sinful red hue
My soul kneels before you…

Forgive me…Forgive me…
Is my broken heart’s plea.
Your love will set me free;
In heaven, I shall be
For all eternity.


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Ryan Paul S. Balagtas

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