What’s Real is an essay written and shared by Yuki Nakaniwa for The Ugly Writers under the theme STUCK for the month of February.


What’s Real



I remember when I was seven years old, I loved reading fantasies, stories of fairies and princesses and I’m dreaming of a fairytale-like life where everything is magnificent with a perfect family and a home, that is luxurious too. Of course, with the love from a perfect prince, a knight in shining armor to be exact.

But now that I’m on the legal age, everything has changed. I didn’t find the life I’m dreaming since I was a little child, but the life I’m living right now only taught me that I was wrong and my IMAGINATION is over.  I found the days go so fast and the next thing I knew, I needed the time to relax and focus on what’s real.

In reality, I am not good at a lot of things; I cannot paint beautiful things nor can I write a wonderful poem; I cannot sing a good song nor can I dance, but I can be by your side every time you needed someone and when your day has become too much too bear. I have no siblings but I can be your sister and a best friend! I’m not rich, I have nothing to offer and I am not good at much too, but I will be good to everyone.

Everyone has a happy ending in fairytales but in reality, life isn’t good at all times, it is like a roller coaster there are many ups and downs. Some days, I was the moon who would light you up in a dark and most days I’m just an eclipse waiting for someone to light up my gloomy night.

I am a princess in my very own way, I may not have made from a star, but at least from the dust of a star. Still, shining and amazing! But a star loses its brightness too.

If I showed you my teardrops, you are a very special person. I will let you collect them like the rain falling freely from the sky, I will let you see me in my worst part and I will be transparent to you. But promise me, keep them in a safe place, in your heart.

Trust is hard to find, but harder to give. So if I trust you, please don’t break my heart again, as my dad has done to me. He was the one who broke my fairytale dream, in the first place.

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