Wrath is a poem written and shared by Kenneth Lingat to The Ugly Writers under the theme Pandemic for the month of April.






Thou take the ash into a golden urn
I’ll be happy for I’m goin’ home
Friends, cry not. I’m ‘bout to fade to this chaos dome.

The wrath of God will succumb us all The higher you are the lower your downfall Elites shall remain, poor shall be banished to suffer more, and take God’s anguish

Front-liners, Our heroes. God, Bless their souls. Except for those greedy officials- doing some commercials. Corona’s her beautiful name She’s death, from Wuhan she came.
Knocking to our souls, we can’t cope She’ll bring fear and take away our hope. But she will not the only factor To this chaos we are suffering for. We are all dying, helplessly begging But Ignored by the higher corrupt and liars.

Speak people, speak. Raise your voice to the highest peak. Wake up dear fools, our Government will not mourn for us But we’ll lament to know, they were the ones pulling the trigger toward us.

And in the end, our body will burn No one will take the ash into a golden urn But We’ll be happy for We’re all going home No one’s left to cry because everyone is bout to fade to this chaos dome.

kenneth Lingat


Sheika Joelouise Ramirez

Speak up and Rise

Joanna Mae Andrade

Just speak up all the burden in your heart will be fade just speak up.

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