The distance sky

We look up to the sun to tell time,

While we look up to the sky to get inspiration.

The combination of time and sun evokes one’s mind at certain hours.


A shade of ombre orange pierced through the clouds,

Casting a shadow on earth.

A waiting for the right time to turn into dusk.


The colours on the palette mixed for the canvas to be drawn,

Gets splashed as time runs past them.


The world launched into darkness as the moon unveils itself.

Unaware of the beauty it has.

Just shining at its element.


The street lamps flickered to life.

Reflecting its light onto the nearby windows.

Acting as the stars for now.



Sunsets are beautiful.

Sunrises are majestic.

But these two beauties can’t meet each other.

Such a shame, really.


Who is to say which is better?

The one signifying the end of the day

Or the one representing the day’s beginning.

But who are we to compare?


Among these leaders’ battles,

The crowds around them rose,

Presenting themselves in unity

And a form of exclusivity for all.


Nobody can control the sky,

Every day is different.

A blessing for the bystanders,

To infer a romance novel from it.



Today the sky is paler.

A mixture of baby blue and yellow.

Once in a while grey clouds float past.

Reminding us of their presence.


We drive under the clear blue sky.

Entering the horizons where the clouds goes.

Are we following the clouds?

Or are the clouds following us?


Finally, the sky starts to brighten itself.

While the clouds remain stagnant.

Before we know it, the streets are filled with students and workers,

Like the normality that we always knew.

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