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Battlefield is a spoken word poetry written and shared by Merry Princess Joe to The Ugly Writers under the theme After The Storm for the month of June.




I’m stuck between wanting you to stay and wanting you to go away.

Between trusting you or pushing you away .

My thoughts are louder than my own words.

That their voices are overflowing the borders.

I hear one side telling me to let you stay.

While the other one’s whispering ” one day, he will walk away.”

Love is a battlefield.

It simply makes your heart and mind argue.

Controls how you see and hear things.

Gets you swayed by sweet words.

Yet tortures you with lies.

My mind and heart is in a battlefield.

Arguing where this will lead.

A relationship worth staying?

Or another story with a sad ending?

Though this is just the beginning.

My heart is tortured enough that it goes straight for the ending.

To my heart, the context is irrelevant.

For the ending will always be the same.

My mind wants to let you have the chance.

To let you enjoy the dance.

Though both sides agree that the ending will always be the same.

A lame and sad ending.

Another battlefield between staying and walking away.

Another battlefield between what you know and how you feel.

Then again, 

Love is a battlefield.

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