Tonight the moon shines so bright.

The moonlight reminds me of that night.

That one night we had a fight.

We promised that we’ll stay despite.

A promise that nothing can tore us apart.

With the moon being our witness,

we both know that you are my weakness.

Now i’m looking at the moon all alone.

Puffing cigarette on a starless night at home.

Then i came to realize,

That unlike the moon that changes its phase.

You will never be the same when you chose to walk away.

For just like the moonless night,

you turned blind from the truth.

And just like the countless stars,

you chose to forget those memories of ours.

And just like the countless stars,

I lost count of my endless tears.

I was yearning for you hopelessly,

that one day, you would come back to me.

But just like the dead stars in the sky,

I knew that i had to say goodbye.

Tonight the moon shines so bright.

I hope you can see the light.

And remind you of that night.

Remind you that we’ll stay despite.

But even though we are apart,

You will always be in my heart.

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