Not In The Morning

Softly, my eyes open.
I didn’t want to,
but it’s already morning.
And my heart breaks
yet again.

I barely slept,
and facing you in my dreams
had been an ordeal.
Nothing had been easy
since you left.

And then morning comes,
and the rays of the sun
seems to taunt me
that life goes on,
though I begged for my heart
to cease its beat.
It didn’t listen,
like it always hasn’t.

The breeze still
whisper your name
and the leaves remember it well.
I don’t even want
to walk the pavement,
because it traces your footprints,
which were never truly there.
The blue sky greeted me
as if saying everything
will be okay.
But it won’t be the same.
Nothing will ever be, again.

And it cuts and it stings.
All I ask is for some morning rain.
Maybe it will soothe my heart,
or wash away the bitterness,
and take my memories with it.
Or maybe I could soak myself
in the coldness,
and become numb completely.
Anything to take the anguish.
Anything to make me forget.

Anything to drown
all that you and I
had been.

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Riya Ortiola
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