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Riya Ortiola


the ugly writers
The here and the now are more important than yesterday or tomorrow. Live the moment. Live for today. But there's still that voice he doesn't want to hear anymore. Too much trouble. Just too much trouble. Just leave it at that. Just leave it like that.

Take Me

We've been driven apart, far too much. It's time to restart, and close this part -- maybe the only way is to go back.

Not In The Morning

Softly, my eyes open. I didn’t want to, but it’s already morning. And my heart breaks yet again. I barely slept, and facing you in my dreams had been an ordeal. Nothing had been easy since you left. And then…


the ugly writers
The walk seemed endless, but after a while, I found myself back to where I started. It had been a painful walk in the shadows. I thought I could face it with less tears, but I didn't. Although, by any means, I think I had been braver still.


the ugly writers
There was none on the other end of the line. And I gave up trying. It seems it's over. And I just kept crying. Her pulse grew weaker, her breathing more shallow. Her face, whiter, and her whole body colder. Is this how cold she must have felt?