Take Me

We've been driven apart, far too much. It's time to restart, and close this part -- maybe the only way is to go back.

Take Me is a poem written by Riya Ortiola and shared with The Ugly Writers with the theme Recovery for the month of March.


Take Me


Take me again to that place we met.

Maybe get a warm glass

of something to drink.

Maybe remember how the day began,

and leave the other things behind.

I just need a day,

or maybe even an hour.

I just need to find some way

to close one wound,

so it could start healing.

I just need to know if we’re ready

to start forgiving what was said,

as much as the hurts

we’ve thrown in between.

Take me again to the beginning.

Maybe show me why it’s not all bad,

because I need to remember the good,

so I can let go of the self-loathing,

and the hatred I remembered last.

There must have been

something worth the tears —

something that made me stay,

until you slipped away and I got broken.

Help me end this chapter,

and open another book.

I need closure, and I need to heal

where the ties were cut loose.

The words still sting,

and I don’t want them to stay that way.

I want to leave out the pain and the hatred.

We don’t belong there anymore.

I don’t want to live there any longer.

Help me break away from these chains.

Take me back where it began,

and leave me there for a little while,

then walk away in peace.

I just need to finish my sentence —

then walk away free.

Take me back, just for a while.

Take me there, for the last time.

We’ve been driven apart, far too much.

It’s time to restart, and close this part —

maybe the only way is to go back.

Just give me this one chance,

and take me back to the start.




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