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Her Strong Heart

Her Strong Heart is a poem written by Khazran Khan and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Entropy: Overcoming Destruction for the month of July


Her Strong Heart


​Today let me narrate a tale,

A tale of a gloomy heart,

That once used to be ;

High on cloud nine.

Things turned so pale,

When it was hit by a dart,

Every pain residing in me,

Screamed aloud : I’m fine.

The blooded drops of hail,

Were looking so smart,

As he came there to see,

If again I could ever shine.

I begged, but to no avail,

Gave few sounds of blart,

Dropped down on my knee,

Collecting blood as wine.

Those broken pieces now fail,

To break me totally in part,

As I decided to flee,

And connect with divine.

Finally, I found a vale,

Loaded the goods on cart,

While setting my wings free,

And flying high on shrine.


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Khazran Khan


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