White Flag

White Flag

White Flag is a poem written by Avery Laine and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Quell for the month of January


White Flag



Salted rain is pouring on the floor.
Solidarity sign posted on the door.
This crumpled paper has been revealed,
To have markings that made him bleed.

Scarlet flushes all for nothing,
It sure sucks to be a human being,
I wish I was on the highway driving,
Leading into precarious heaven.

Sometimes I see myself lying all alone in bed,
Crestfallen, heartbroken, tired of soul-searching.
Lurking over the graveyard of my past.
Sobbing over the somber way I crashed.

I don’t need a philosopher’s mind,
I always wish that part of me had already died.
The charm that captures the most attention,
Farthest from mine, by deficit of a million.

Gorgeous hair and hazel eyes,
Everybody screams, everybody dies.
Gleaming, striking, and shining.
Lighting up the darkest evening.

I can’t seem to love these curls,
Everyone’s better in the outside world.
I don’t want to make a big scene,
I end up bawling over what could have been.

The white flag waves over my dead body,
I have done my best at work and in study,
I walked through the flames to have somebody,
Just to see someone else take the money.

Avery Laine

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