Voices all around, in my head, they can be found. It's getting too much, can't escape; I long for a hush.

Voices is a poem written by biel and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Infectious for the month of June





A weight upon my chest,
that never seems to rest.
Like a storm that never ends,
a chaotic mess that never bends.

Voices all around,
in my head, they can be found.
It’s getting too much,
can’t escape; I long for a hush.

A constant sound,
that’s always around…
Screaming, whispering, and all in between,
sometimes they are raucous, and other times they are serene.

It’s hard to breathe, and it’s hard to think,
this heaviness makes my heart sink.
Trying to push it away, to find some peace,
and to let mind and body find release.

The weight remains a burden to bear,
a reminder that life is not always fair.
Take a deep breath, and hold on tight,
hoping that one day, things will be alright.

Be strong, be brave.
I won’t let this weight become my grave.
Keep fighting, keep pushing through,
Until the weight upon is finally subdued.

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