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Raining In Manila

It's been months since I visited manila, I always miss the place where I'm free

Raining In Manila is a poem written by Cesar R. Banaag Jr. and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Inner Strength for the month of September


Raining In Manila


I can remember the day when I came back,

To the place where I feel my freedom,

Walking and sightseeing in UST oval track,

My eyes are full of glam,

Hearing the noises of the people,

The busy street of Sampaloc,

I remain standing beside the pole,

Looking and staring at the apartment block,

While I’m holding my umbrella,

Splashes of raindrops in my hand,

It’s been months since I visited Manila,

I always miss the place where I’m free,

The beautiful sidewalks with trees,

Store where you can buy anything,

The noise of the coffee shop when grinding,

Everything is nostalgic,

In this rainy season,

I ask myself “hindi ba ako nilalamig?”.


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Inner Strength is a returning fan-favorite theme from 2019 and featured a lot of great poets and writers

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 the ugly writers

Cesar R. Banaag Jr.

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