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Throughout the passage of countless years,  I've undergone significant changes, it appears. 

Molded is a poem written by Jemica Colasito and shared with The Ugly Writers under the theme Stuck with Memories for the month of October


Throughout the passage of countless years,

I’ve undergone significant changes, it appears.

No longer confined to my former self’s domain,

I’ve bloomed, transformed, evolved, and gained.

The events I’ve encountered, like guiding lights,

Movies that stirred emotions, reaching soaring heights.

Books, a wellspring of knowledge and insight,

And people who walked with me, day and night.

These collective experiences, intertwined and vast,

Have paved the way for growth, forging a new contrast.

Old perspectives supplanted, replaced by the new,

Naturally molding me into someone different, true.

Hence, it wouldn’t be equitable, I surmise,

To expect my behavior to echo past skies.

While treasured memories remain close to the heart,

We must forge ahead, embracing a fresh start.

To truly become a part of this transformed being,

Let’s weave new memories, together we’ll be freeing. Embarking on ventures uncharted, untold,

Engaging in conversations, heartfelt and bold.

If embracing this transformation seems a daunting task,

And our paths diverge, no longer destined to bask,

Then let us gracefully accept this shifting paradigm,

Acknowledging that our destinies may no longer align.

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the ugly writers
the ugly writers
the ugly writers
the ugly writers
the ugly writers

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Jemica Colasito

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