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Sourodip Ghoshdastidar

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Questioning the subjective experience of color

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Here are a few questions that popped up into my mind the other day: What if the color of the object that you see in front of you is very different than what other people see? What if no two people see the same object in the same color?

The absurdity of life

the ugly writers
Humans are truly monotonous. On a broad scale, we are doing the same thing that our ancestors used to do: eat, sleep, and reproduce. There are no advancements on that front.

Shattering Apparent Similarity

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There is so much more that our so-called instruments cannot detect. Even radio signals were first detected not too long ago, JC Bose being a pioneer in sending them artificially

Primitive intelligence

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Why does an offspring cry? Because it has needs. And those needs need to be fulfilled. The said offspring does not know the ways of the world like its parents do.

Humans, why they should love themselves and time

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Self-love is long-lasting; loving oneself in spite of all your imperfections and quirks allows you to stay immune to these ego-feeding schemes that exist today. Protect yourself, at all costs from these schemes, love yourself, and don't allow anyone's judgment to make you love yourself any lesser.

A Jilted Lover

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They don't know I created this virus so that they would finally love me and stay with me. I am becoming like a jilted lover!