Death and all his friends is an essay written and shared by Sourodip Ghoshdastidar to The Ugly Writers with the theme Pandemic for the month of April.


Death and all his friends


Death. Something we all have to face. The moment a child is born, does it know that it is going to die one fine day? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being born? Why make something that you know is going to certainly get destroyed? Oh maybe because you’ll die first and won’t see them die. Touche. The apocalypse has arrived-we’ll all die together. Does an ant know it will die? Maybe not. Maybe yes. We can never know for sure. But suppose it knew. What would it do? Go into deep existential depression? Would that change its fate? Maybe not. Maybe yes. We can never know for sure. What about the death of everything- the situation where there was nothing. Nada. Zilch. Would we still be creating new offspring then? What is we? What is I? You are reading this. I have written this. I can die this moment, and you would still be reading this. Haha. Who knows. In the state of nothingness, where were you, and where was I ? There were no crying babies there, were they? The words I am writing here are a human invention- you think in words, talk in words, dream in words- words are everything. Language shapes your mind. The word ‘nothingness’ . Phew, maybe nothingness doesn’t know it has a word coined for itself. Or maybe it does. Haha.

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