Humans, why they should love themselves and time

Humans, why they should love themselves, and time is written and shared by Sourodip Ghoshdastidar to The Ugly Writers under the theme Love.


Humans, why they should love themselves and time


We, humans, are a weird kind. We have been taught to believe that we are indeed the most intelligent species of the planet. You are said to be lucky if you are born as a human. But think about it. Are we really different from our ancestors say about 500 years ago? They used to eat, drink, and sleep and reproduce, the same basic things that we do now. It is becoming more apparent now in the face of the pandemic that we, in the comfort of our homes have nothing to do apart from eating, drinking, and sleeping (and reproduce…*winks*). Is this why we were born? Just to eat, drink and sleep and reproduce? Well, guess what? That’s the same things microbes do. Apart from these basic needs, we need something to spend time with. Time? I believe that the concept of time comes from the fact that we humans are mortal. If we were immortal, why even bother with time? Right? But what about things that repeat? Like the cycle of the moon? Or the repetition of the seasons? Our body’s senses have attuned itself to the concept of time-In a lecture class, an hour may seem like a lifetime, while talking to a girl for an hour, time seems to fly. So our perception of time depends on how much engrossed we are at the task at hand. But regardless, the clock ticks away; it keeps on moving, unwavered by the situations that occur in the world. What does a clock tick signify though? What is a second? Why does the hand of a clock move in a circular fashion? These are questions one needs to ponder upon. Anyways, we have been given something called ‘time’ which is actually aging. What do we want to do with all this time? A word of caution: if you say I want a big car and a big house to keep my family in, you’ve been brainwashed. Acquiring these things will give you a (false) sense of ego. Once you die, you can’t take money and cars with you to the heavens(or wherever, maybe this earth is heaven, who knows?). There is a saying that whatever extra money you have when you die, is the extra work you did, for nothing. We don’t want to put ourselves in that position, do we? Money and cars give one a sense of ego and security, to one’s (fragile) ego. Instead what one should strive for is to love oneself, with all the imperfections(how do you define imperfections anyway? I believe that nothing is imperfect, its only the way you look at things that make them seem perfect or imperfect.). What that will do is keep you from falling into schemes that feed your ego. All schemes that feed your ego are ultimately ephemeral. But self-love is long-lasting; loving oneself in spite of all your imperfections and quirks allows you to stay immune to these ego-feeding schemes that exist today. Protect yourself, at all costs from these schemes, love yourself, and don’t allow anyone’s judgment to make you love yourself any lesser. That’s all I wanted to say.


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Love yourself first before others because if you don’t love and precious yourself how can you do it to others? So now start focusing yourself first before others. Love every details you have and cherish every moments you have to yourself.

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