The Life of Your Own by Lee

I pity those people who are being pressured to do things in life based on what they saw on social media. You know, these typical posts of your friends travelling, posting extravagant things on posh places, how good looking their partner is, or even the environment from where they work. These posts induces anxiety for people who already feels inferior. We got to remember that these posts are like the highlight reel of our friends’ lives.

Everyone has their own down moments too! You won’t post something that reflects your down moments would you?

Know yourself! If you want something, you better work for it at your own pace.


  • Credits to the owner of the post Lee from Skout
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    Don’t even bother envying others just because they posted one of the greatest moments of their life. I love how realistic the message is.

  2. 1. Implicit
    2. Traits and knowledge.
    3. Chains can be a good title because they are like our environment putting up so much pressure on ourselves to fit in on something like peer pressure that makes an individual to live differently not according to what he wants but he’s living on what he should really be for him to fit into something.

  3. Magos, Jasan Denise – MAR142
    Sociology MQ2
    This article falls under the theory of individualism because it shows the authors own personal opinion about life.

  4. Madel P. Olveda (MAR142)
    Sociology MQ2
    Individualism- because the author discusses how we should enjoy our lives by not comparing it to others.

  5. VICIERRA, MARICAR M., ARC 131 (MQ2) For my opinion this can fall under Ethnocentrism because we are being judged and dictated on what we see on our social media and because of that we forced ourselves to change or to fit in the standards of other people to please them.

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