Movie Review: Kita Kita

Title: Kita Kita
Director: Sigrid Bernardo
Actors: Empoy Marquez, Alessandra De Rossi
Combined Rating: 4.5 Stars

Elaine Says:

Last July 22, 2017 Me and my friends went to Eastwood to watch the movie Kita Kita, we were excited to watch this because of Sapporo Japan, and yes, also because the actors in this movie was the most unlikely and most unusual pairing I have ever seen. Because Empoy Marquez and Alessandra De Rossi?? sino magaakala na sila ay magiging love team, Alempoy FTW. It is not your typical rom-com movie. The movie was directed by Sigrid Bernardo and was produced by none other than Piolo Pascual and Bb. Joyce Bernal.

The story revolves around Lea who works in Japan and has temporarily lost her vision due to stress. Here comes Tonyo who reaches out everyday with food just for Lea to notice him. Eventually, they became close and has developed something for each other. And the rest of course you have to watch it for yourself.  I love the movie and because I am such a crybaby I laughed and cried at the same time, for me that’s how good it is. The laughter from the movie goers was just authentic, even the actors themselves would attest to that. It is so whimsical in a way that it is delightful and easy to watch. I rarely watch tagalog movies but this one makes the cut. Masakit ng tyan ko kakatawa, masakit pa ang mata at puso ko sa kakaiyak. Kasi di ba mabuti pa yung saging may puso. At yung puso sya lang yung may saging.

The Musical Scoring for me is really spot on it even make me cry. Cinematography is very simple yet refreshing, it reminds me of some korean and japanese movies with the same style of filming. Sana ganito yung mga ibang tagalog movies, mas nakakaappreciate, yung hindi masyadong mainstream pero maganda at masarap panoorin. People can relate with the story. Most of the time people are like Tonyo be it stalker wise (nagstalk sya alam niyo yan!) or dahil talagang nagmahal lang siya (ng palihim?) kaya siya ganun. Si Lea parang ikaw, para ding ako, minsan ganyan tayo. Pero what are the things that we learn sa movie? Minsan wala talaga sa itsura yan nasa karisma at sa kung paano ka mapapasaya nung taong yun. Gaya ni Tonyo ginawa ang lahat para mapasaya si Lea. At si Lea naniwala sa kung ano ang hindi niya nakikita pero sa kung ano ang nararamdaman niya. Minsan mas maganda na maniwala sa kung ano ang nararamdaman kesa sa kung ano ang nakikita. The ending was somewhat expected pero kasi nga para kay Tonyo it’s now it’s never.

Lot Says:

It is better to feel than to see. This is what this movie implies. Though the story is at its simplest, it has touched the heart of those who watched it. Despite having 2 actors only, Alessandra and Empoy were very effective in their roles as Lea and Tonyo – acting while not acting.

Ordinary things were given importance and will never be seen the same way again. 

1.      Repolyo. Kainin lagi para sumaya ang puso mo. 

2.      Beer. Tunay na kaibigan. Walang iwanan. 

3.      Bell. Patunugin para malaman ng lahat kung gano ka kasaya (kaya pala yung ibang restaurant may paganito pa)

4.      Saging. Mabuti para sa puso. 

5.      Puso. Magiging masaya at matibay kung may saging. 

6.      Stress. Nakakabulag pala pag nastress ka. (P.S. Boss sana napanood mo din tong movie na to)

7.      Open the basket. Diskarteng malupit! (Nakaakap si Empoy eh)

8.      Pagluluto ng adobo at sinigang. The way to the woman’s heart is through his stomach (Yan talaga yung gustong sabihin ni Tonyo)

9.      Sayaw. Ito talaga yung pinakamagandang expression pag sobrang saya ka. 

10.   Mata. Importante. Mahalaga – para Kita Kita.

Kita Kita Cover

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