Restaurant Engagement Conference 2017 by MFlify: Magnifies a business, Amplifies the corporate soul

Marco Polo, Ortigas Pasig City:  It would came as no surprise if REC 2017 (held weeks back) would be dubbed as the capital’s most  engaging, anticipating and inspiring media and entrepreneurs event for this year.   The one day affair indeed, is worthy of notes and mention of superlatives.

(Blue Motiff which is Mplify’s color blends well with the red day) The guest of honor’s table here is pretty much ready with their respective badges)…

The hotel’s gala hall was dotted by the presence of  high-profile  speakers, rosters of promising entrepreneurs from Food & Beverage sector as well as influencers in digital and print channels.  Yours truly  was amongst  those summoned to cover the highlights of the  event and was privileged to gain in-depth insights from the experts – delighted even more to share pleasantries with  business minded personalities. Dang!  their purpose is infectious,.. and I’d love to walk after their pro-active shadows.

(our snapshot of  new camaraderie  &  partnerships – w/ the Team of Mplify &  owners of Beantage Cafe’ of Cavite City )

The PR Man of the Hour

(On Setting Expectation) – the man behind Mplify  all-geared to verbal the days’ agenda

OPTIMISM AT HIS BEST: The event was championed by no other than Sir Miguel “Migs” De LaRosa who graced the mainstage  teary  eyes  and  in broken  voice  as  he welcome  the participants.   The  marketing  guru was  speechless  in  disbelief  and overwhelmed to witness right in his very front  the warm responses of  his mentors, peers  and  advocates  he  well-remembered  by background  and names.  Everyone’s  a VIP  and  a long-lost friend  by  the man.  He showed no  hint of  stress or harbor of negative vibes as he came up with such a grand  (and yes, pricey) occasion we all marvel at.  He kept  his dignified poise, wear his congenial smile while  in restrospect of  the challenges he had been.

Hence, from his humble origin to earning  his  then leadership  post  in  multinational firms locally and abroad,  the ex-OFW’s  now weaving his own name and carving deep his niche as he pledge to shine as ever with his service brand in the country’s business-making trade through smart marketing and consultancy.

The Witty Host for the Win

Breakthrough star of the 90’s, model-comedienne Wilma Doesnt does practically pull and eager crowd with her natural charisma, comic and rhetoric that are only hers…

A TRUE BLUE ICE-BREAKER:  When  she  opens  her  mouth,  people  would smile. Laugh out loud even.  On a serious note, she is  not  just  a  mere  celebrity  who entertains,  but  is  also a respected mentor and a thinking brain behind Manila International Integrated Learning Center (MILC) – a training institution of her own which caters professional internship to students of  Business & Hotel/Restaurant Management, Culinary Arts and Tourism  courses  among others –  equipping  it’s graduates to global workforce competency, skills and ethics wise.

The Seasoned Speakers

The first two lecturers are Managing Director for Pixel Pro & UP College of Fine Arts product  Ronnel Cuison (below) who captures his audience eyes on lense expertise and multimedia graphic wonders along with Ink-All You Can CEO/Mobile Optima Founder, Jerry Ilao, another academically brilliant guy from Ateneo whose mantra is to inspire millennial to  take risks and be bold enough in leaping from being an employee to entrepreneurship success while on their heydays.

Moving on, sharing the frame this time are Ms. Brigette Tan-Villarin, Operations Director for  Inquirer Mobile. She babbled on how mobile technologies creates a difference and assists food merchants the innovative way through friendly bots chat – resulting to a wide market reach. Mr.  Jay Bautista,  the tenured Managing Director of Kantar Media whose been in the field for silver year,  narrates his interesting case studies and proven view points on actual restaurant platforms in contemporary times.  For a medical point of view, US/UK certified public cum environmental health practitioner, Dr. Wessam Atif  CEO/ President of FoodSHAP  stressed on vitals and relevance of  Food Safety Guidelines and government accreditation  to effectively promote food-related business.

Moreover, Ms. Hazel Herber  Managing Director of  Where to Eat Phils who has done years of  notable consultancy for western companies  addresses on maximizing business Potential via Strong Online Presence thru Search Engine Optimization (SEO) usage in social media.  Popular subject resource speaker Ms. Yayu Javier COO/ President of Avanza on the other hand, brims with pride, as she injects more meaning on customer relations strategies and informative tips that would led to restaurant’s staying power.  Digital Marketer Mr. Lloyd R. Tronco, Exec. Director of OOH Media made an equally exciting presentation in outdoor and out of home media advertising which he specializes for over two decades.

Internet giant GOOGLE and Youtube Ads Group Sales officer to the Philippines, Mr. Henry De Chaille  lent his technical whiz as he speaks before Pinoy audience on the virtual Impact to restaurant of these highly-known websites with Mr. Alfonso Sy, Marketing Director of EnjoyPH.  The latter engages his listeners with his proficient know-hows on key features and benefits of reward services programs through mobile loyalty.

Speaker’s line up on a dialogue with the audience.

Not on the photos: On  financial aspect that is too, a must-heard were detailed in brief by  Ms. Aileen Contreras, Retail SME Loans Head of Maybank  on her corporate piece to taking one’s business to greater heights and growth potential.  The articulate Mr.  Nikolai Frez, Segment Head of Globe MyBusiness lectures on Communication elements that empowers a restaurant engagement is as edifying as the earlier speakers.

Mplify knew how to share it’s blessings by supporting humane causes like the Children’s Hour Foundation through fund-raising campaigns.

 Represented by it’s gracious Executive Director and event’s co-host Ms. Geenete Garcia. Her corporate solid experience on branding management and public relations lent to a charitable organization of this kind is a boost to the charity’s moral fiber and to the beneficiaries well-being, and has also been an inspiration to Mplify.

Mplify has made a perfect choice in bringing to spotlight it’s hosts and speakers who were, as always primed to give their 110% best

But wait there’s more…

REC2017 evidently exceeds one’s expectation. Beside gastroventures, newfound acquiantances and relevant knowledge  that made each and everyone flies high in the business world, special tokens and prizes courtesy of generous sponsors were given away. These faces  and more went home truly delighted.

Winning Groupies! Winning Selfies


One for all, all for one: Cheers to a noteworthy restaurant conference to remember! More Power Mplify!


Acknowledgment: Kudos Sir Migz & to the whole Team behind REC2017’s shining success. Wishing MPlify brighter engagements & related conferences ahead! (thebluepoet thru
Thanking Media Partners & Event Sponsors for the day that was!

REC is not merely an acronym for Restaurant Engagement Conference but is a gathering that Recreate brands for Today’s New Trends, Empower local crafts and businesses and Capture the Right Market.

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