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Online Dating 101: Getting a Smart Girl to Respond

Sometimes, for whatever strange reason, we find solace in online dating. But how does one effectively date online? Here are Margaux' effective tips on getting a smart girl to respond.

Sometimes, for whatever strange reason, we find solace in online dating. But how does one effectively date online? Read Margaux’ tips on getting a smart girl to respond below.

Read her profile theuglywriters

Read her profile. Don’t just check out her pictures and base your decision to talk to her because she’s pretty. Beauty fades but having a functioning brain doesn’t. Remember that when you’ve fucked the living daylights out of each other and your appetite for sex wanes, being able to talk to her about anything and everything is critical in ensuring the relationship lasts. Don’t hit on a smart girl if all you’re looking for is someone to fuck. Go for the easy ones, less effort on your part dumbass.

Be imaginative theuglywriters

Be imaginative. Don’t start the conversation with used up lines. Asking “What do you do? Where are you from?” will not excite her. Considering you’ve already passed the first screening as she accepted your chat request, don’t waste your chance. Ask her about her day. Talk as if you’re already friends and connect it with what she wrote on her profile. She will appreciate the fact that you’ve done your homework. Be careful though because if you can’t keep up with her pace, she will know that you are just a poser.

Dont ask stupid questions theuglywriters

Do not ask stupid questions. She wouldn’t be on the dating app if she isn’t single. Keep her interest by learning her thought process. Ask about her favorite authors, the shows she watches, the music she listens to. Talk about philosophy, life events, politics. Eventually, she will lead the conversation. If you really want to date her, show her you’re worthy. Having a lot of similarities will make her think that you could work out. This will make it easy for you to get her to a coffee date.

Do not rush her theuglywriters

Do not rush her. Now that you’re sure that you really like her, do not make the mistake of asking her to meet unless she’s ready. Being pushy will not score you points. Find out what her idea of a perfect date is so that you know what to prepare for. If she answers you on this question, it means she will probably go out with you. Let her decide on her own time. If you really can’t help it, invite her casually but make sure that the date, time, and place is well thought of. You’ll scare her into blocking you if she feels that your invite has a non-decent motive. Keep it friendly but let her know that you are interested in knowing her better.

Be consistent theuglywriters

Be consistent. Smart girls are career oriented and always on the go. Make her feel your presence regardless of her busy schedule. Leave her messages. Even if she can’t respond timely, she will like the fact that you constantly think of her. Make yourself her sounding board. When she goes home after a long day, make her want to pour her heart out as she talks to you. Flatter her when needed. Do not take for granted anything she shares as this means you are slowly earning her trust. You need this to get her out of the virtual world and into your arms.

be sincere theuglywriters

Be sincere. When you do meet in person, be honest with her. Do not pretend that you’re after her heart when all you want is a one night stand. If there’s no chemistry on the first date, stop it. She’s going to let you know anyway. If it does work out, then you’re one of the lucky few. Indirectly let her know that this is for keeps. Make her understand that your search is over as you’ve found your queen. You would know that she feels the same way when you ask her for a second date. If she finds time to make that happen, you’ve won.

Now this is where the real challenge begins, keeping her.


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