Life is meant for fashion memories that are worth repeating. Not to drain the remnants of the nostalgic past that eats the glorious presence you consider nearly perfect.

We are humans, we are forged to make memories considerably satisfying to the nature of our well-being.

Psychologically, we understand the manifestation of the bad habits inherited from our own antecedents. Not to mention the culture, and the fast-tracked cycle of the convenient nature of the future. In this, we need to be at ease entirely.

Do not hold on to the past, instead, yearn an abundance of self-love and confidence to be ahead of that fate. Moving forward to the closing door of possibility, entering instantaneously.

Does it sound fair? I think so. We must deal with it. So, as it was said, it is written, we just need to read through it all the way.

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We must enjoy the life that God given us . Make our journey as wonderful as we can be so that we will not have regrets in our life.

Abrielle Natasha

Abrielle Natasha Reyes
Life and Works of Rizal
We must enjoy every moment in our lives because the life that God given to us has an end,we don’t know when it will happens but we should thank everyday to God that because of him we do our own mission here on earty

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