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Midnight Train to Georgia

I like people watching. Not in a perverted way but in the creative sense that I could think of a thousand storylines for them. I would see a man on his phone talking about a girl and I know that this week would be special for him.

No one likes to commute. The air is humid, the streets are congested and there’s a big chance that the person who will sit or stand beside you, smells like shit. On most days, I prefer driving or booking a ride. However, I also have days when I want to get lost in a crowd as I feel I could write better. If you had to ask, I write because I can’t contain my thoughts. It’s the only way for my chaotic mind to have a sense of order.

I like people watching. Not in a perverted way but in the creative sense that I could think of a thousand storylines for them. I would see a man on his phone talking about a girl and I know that this week would be special for him. He would definitely find a way to let this girl know that she’s the one. I could see a breakup brewing just by how a couple sits. I can feel someone’s heartbreak by just how tight they grip their belongings.

I’m weird and I don’t make excuses for it because I have always been like this. If no one understands my attachment to physical books even with the advent of Kindle and the likes, screw everyone. I took the MRT again tonight and I felt giddy sitting with strangers. They had no idea of the hopes I have for them along with their fictional lives inside my head. Maybe on your next ride, I would be beside you. Look for the girl typing away on her phone while she listens to rock music.

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It's a long story. Bring me to San Junipero and we'll talk.
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  1. Being weird is totally okay

  2. Sometimes exploring in some place can give you unexpected experience.

  3. Being weird is not a bad thing


    I really don’t know how would I answer the question “Who am I?” But I just realized that this question has a big impact on myself.
    I have idea who really am I, a girl who has a simple life, has a goal in life to be successful. I know that I’ll do everything just to achieve that goal. Even though sometimes I felt weak to fight for it but still not thinking to give up. I know its not a choice to give up. And I’ll never stop trying and risking just to accomplish it. I’m also dedicated on what I am doing, and gave all my efforts to it.

    And when it comes to communicating to other people, I’m actually good to it, interacting, talking and be friendly with them but of course we can’t please everyone. We have a different personalities. And I understand it.

    I hope that I can continue and improve what I have now. And also to develop other positive attitudes. I want to experience a meaningful life to expose what are my thoughts and attitudes. I believe that God is always there for me to survive this life.

  5. Hi! I am Justine Salazar Catalan. 1st year student of National University, currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. I’m 18yrs old and my family is composed of five. Yes, I still remember the usual type of introduction I used in referring to myself in public. May it be at school or in different gathering with new groups around me. I used to say this with conviction and firmed pronunciation of words so that it’ll look like I am really confident with myself.

    But, to be honest, let me introduce myself in my own way. Just like how I practiced it in front of a mirror. With the used of different perspective I’d likely hear.

    From my family, I am somewhat of a-good-perfect-daughter, because I am responsible in doing household chores, I am industrious in studying and I am a reliable member of our family that my mom taught me to be.

    In reality, I am just a responsible and reliable member of our family. I have a lazy ass whenever I need to review or to do my notes.

    As for me, I am b*tch tho. (sometimes) I can be a talkative person as long as I am with my circle of friends. But when I’m not, expect the other way around. I wouldn’t spare so much time and effort to a person I don’t like.

    My dream is to become a Certified Public Accountant in a span of 4-5 years from now. But if happens that I am not capable of doing so, I will pursue my second dream. I would like to be a Medical Technologist or a Nurse. Anything related to the world of Medicine.

    Reading all of these may took you time and effort. just a shortcut to WHO AM I, to whoever you are, you’ve decided to reach until this part, you have seen myself, raw and no frills. Please handle with care and I thank you.

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