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Midnight Train to Georgia

No one likes to commute. The air is humid, the streets are congested and there’s a big chance that the person who will sit or stand beside you, smells like shit. On most days, I prefer driving or booking a ride. However, I also have days when I want to get lost in a crowd as I feel I could write better. If you had to ask, I write because I can’t contain my thoughts. It’s the only way for my chaotic mind to have a sense of order.

I like people watching. Not in a perverted way but in the creative sense that I could think of a thousand storylines for them. I would see a man on his phone talking about a girl and I know that this week would be special for him. He would definitely find a way to let this girl know that she’s the one. I could see a breakup brewing just by how a couple sits. I can feel someone’s heartbreak by just how tight they grip their belongings.

I’m weird and I don’t make excuses for it because I have always been like this. If no one understands my attachment to physical books even with the advent of Kindle and the likes, screw everyone. I took the MRT again tonight and I felt giddy sitting with strangers. They had no idea of the hopes I have for them along with their fictional lives inside my head. Maybe on your next ride, I would be beside you. Look for the girl typing away on her phone while she listens to rock music.