The Basics of Online Dating

The internet. The world of the wonders where you can simply find anything online. From what Beyonce have worn, to a picture of your mother’s lunch, the internet is simply amazing when it comes to searching for information. Just ask ‘Google’ right? These days, the internet is not only used for funny cat videos or finding unkempt photos of that mean homeroom teacher. It is also used to find “The One”.

With the intention of being able to contact someone whom you are compatible with, with just a few clicks, the concept of Online Dating has been born. Basically, the idea is, you and the other thousands upload a photo which shows your best side. Thereafter you can choose to fill in your profile manually or you can link your Facebook to your profile and have it filled automatically. Depending on which platform you are using, you are to answer some questions provided. This helps the system understand what kind of partner you are looking for. Thenceforth, you will be assigned the power of choosing your victims; Flipping to the right to express your affection or flipping to the left to show your animosity. If both you and your person of interest demonstrate sentiment towards each other, you can start reciprocating. If not, there are always other fishes in the sea.

This whole concept is made for those who are looking to balance out their social life, work life, and love life as timely as possible. Gone are the days where you have to go on multiple dates to finally realize that this person is not suited for you. Now, we have the internet for that.

Aside from the time-saving factor, there are many other upsides to dating online. First and foremost, you get to talk to loads of people without having to step out of your bedroom, let alone your house for that point. For extrovert homebodies, it would actually be a dream come true. For introverts, it would be a great practice of being more courageous in talking to others. In addition to that, online dating is a great opportunity for one to understand the opposite gender better. Females will realize that not all guys are unemotional, unvirtuous people who have no sense of loyalty. Whilst, males will realize that the sexual harassment is not attractive.

Besides learning about other’s perspectives and life, you will get to learn more about yourself and help develop yourself as a person even more. Introverts will feel more confident in themselves and will be more courageous in talking to others. Extroverts will soon understand which traits they should withhold and to process before they blabber. Overall online daters will learn more about what they want and need in their ideal partner.

As divine and effortless as the perks may seem, there are always downsides to every situation. One of them would be, being judged by the folks around you. Many people have this concept that no emotional heartbreak will be spared for Online Dating is often seen as ‘unreal’; I for one disagree. A large percentage of the users, regardless of gender, put their whole self out there hoping to find that someone whom they can spend their life with. They invested a huge amount time, effort and emotional energy on the application to get to know the other party so that they can finally bring them out on a date. Even if it comes to a point where the date does not happen, the time, effort and emotions invested into knowing the other party cannot be retrieved. The thought of losing someone or finding out someone is not as into you as you thought they are just as devastating. Regardless of it being face to face or through a screen, feelings will still be crushed.  However, the worst part is having the people around you not understand what you are going through and judge you for that.

Another downside would be time wastage on the wrong guys. As mentioned in the paragraph above, these dating apps are for one to be more conducive in their use of time. Thus, when an unwanted cat call comes rushing your way or the person which you relate to, is not looking for the same thing as you, can make this whole thing rather frustrating. Not to mention time-consuming. On top of that, you will learn that some people does not take no as an answer. Hence the production of ‘Online Dating Fails’.

The third drawback would be to having too many fishes in the sea. Never thought that having too many options to choose from will be a problem right? Well, it is. Especially if all of these ‘fishes’ decided to talk to you at once. As honorable as it may be to have that many pursuers, it’s also rather distracting. You tend to jump from conversation to another causing you to be confused with your pursuers’ habits. On top of that, it is rather difficult to form an emotional connection with anyone.  In fact, you’re just going through the motions and replying all these people indifferently.

The last drawback would be despite all the time, efforts and emotions devoted, you might not be able to find your ideal match.  One must always remember that nothing is certain for such things. Online dating is just a way for you to increase the chances of you finding your companion, not a guaranteed method.

All in all, Online Dating is a considerable learning process for both genders. It will help one understand more about what they are looking for in both themselves and in their ideal partner. In addition to that, Dating Online is a great exposure in learning how to embrace who you are and express yourself to a broad range of people. Users must also keep in mind that not everyone have the same mind-set as them nor are as honest as they seemed to be online. Thus, one must always remember to stay safe and learn when to reject unobtrusively if they do not do not feel comfortable with the person they are talking to.

At the end of the day, you might actually catch yourself a golden fish. If not, just enjoy the experience, be patient and be thankful that you got to see this side of the virtual world and grow because of it.