Blog Tour Book Review for The Secrets That We Keep (A #HeistClub New Blood Anthology)

TITLE: The Secrets That We Keep (A #HeistClub New Blood Anthology)


Featured Stories by New #HeistClub Authors: Blunt | DeChavez | Lanz | Manlapaz | Trinidad

Short Stories from Original #HeistClub Authors: Guibone | Manalang | Recio | Soriano

Excerpts from Upcoming #HeistClub Authors: Castro | Gonzales | Larsen | Manalang | Manocot | Nava | Recio | Recto | Soriano

RATING: ☆☆☆☆☆ (Actual Rating 5/5)


Received an ARC of the ebook in exchange for an honest review. Thanks for the opportunity to read new works from these authors.

This #HeistClub anthology is a first for me. I was really hesitant to join the blog tour since I think that this will bore me out. (Sorry about that guys) but a dear friend who admins our website The Uglywriters join the blog tour in my behalf (without me knowing) so yeah I definitely have no reason now not to read this and let me tell you that I really love it, I really love the book and all of these amazing stories. The suspense, the thrill and the rush makes me excited. Reading this makes your blood rush and you want to keep going and finish it. Also, this is the first time that I have read the works of these wonderful authors. Guys, kudos to all of you as I truly adore reading all of your works. Some may be a bit short but still I enjoyed and devoured all of them. This anthology reminds me of White Collar and Criminal Minds. Very exciting and very thrilling, it keeps your mind working and it keeps you curious, it may even drive you insane at times. This is truly one of a kind and I am thankful that we have joined the blog tour. This is a first for me and I totally did not regret it. And yes definitely this book didn’t bore me out. Thank you for that! Wait till you read this one. I am just blown away right now.

So, I have done a short comment on each story just to let my feelings come across. So far all of them are really good, the writings are exceptional but some just stood out for me. By far the best for me is AMONG US and WEB. I will give them my 5 stars because I am just so enthralled with the characters and the flow of the story.


WEB by Liam Blunt

Holy Jesus! This is just the first but I absolutely love it! This story was so good that I have to keep reading it. This is my kind of story; I love this kind of writing. I feel like I am watching it unfold right in front of me. It reminded me of the TV series that I binge watch before, it feels like I am watching White Collar and Criminal Minds all at the same time. And the twist of the story for me was really unexpected, who would’ve thought! The shocked look on my face was all it took to get me hooked. It was amazing. And by the way I love Armand. On to the next please, Liam?


WHERE IS SANDRA? By Amae Dechavez

That ending? I really don’t know how to feel about the ending, it is puzzling. I like the content of the story though. It didn’t bore me out since the story was fast paced. I like Zanjo’s character. Sandra, I don’t know how to feel about her also. There’s this part of me that don’t really like her but there’s this part of me also that pity her. But I’ll just stick with that for now.


SNIPER by I.P. Lanz

I am loving this Sniper story. The assassin, the bounty hunter, this is so good that the bad girl in me wants to continue what Nick is doing. I am so excited to read this all through and yes I love every bit of the story but I wish to know what would happen next to Nick. I would personally also like for it to continue with the story of the bounty hunter and Alma, I kind of like that.


AMONG US by Buñag Manlapaz

I love this to bits. As I was reading the first part of the story, when this sick guy did that gory thing to Minos I really did cringe, the details of it sends chill down my spine and yes that thing he did to Oedi? Yes cringes all over! But what the heck I love the gruesomeness of it. The story is amazing and this is by far the best in this anthology for me. I love how it is written, and it really does send goosebumps all over me. Halfway through it my heart is beating so fast that I find myself holding my breath and I want to chow this down fast just to finish this in one go but I savoured the story and read it slowly so I can keep all the details in mind. That Bone Face was scary as hell, as well as the ending. Feels like I am watching an episode from Criminal Minds and I am just so engrossed. I love all of the characters names too, as I have mentioned it to the author, it seems like by their names I am reading a Japanese psycho-suspense thriller books. Ginoong Manlapaz you did well! This is very very good indeed. I want more of it, that ending feels like there is something more and it got me excited. For real. I will highly recommend this to friends who like this kind of story. Say yes to the sequel!


MISSING BODIES by Celestine Trinidad

The story is quite intriguing and again this kind of writing appeals to me. And, that title was all it took to make me curious. I never see the ending in that way, I thought the suspect was a different person. I like that it keeps my mind busy from thinking what will happen next, what will happen with the characters. I was nervous the whole time reading this, part of me was praying that Eva will finished what she has started but also, I was nervous that she might not and I hate that Dela Riva, I want to punch him in the throat. Gosh my mind is working overtime. lol. I love Eva and yes women empowerment right there!


The Short Stories was a good read for me too. And among all of them I really love the story TOMORROW WE’LL SEE by Mark Manalang. This story makes me sad, we know that this may be true in some parts of the globe and we know that this is happening. I like Gene; there is hope in humanity after all right? Cops like him still exists I know. I am glad that Sylvia could pull it through with the help of Gene. I had to hold my breath as I got near the end of this story and I was glad that Sylvia can still change her life. This one is really really good even though it was quite short. I like THE CHILDREN OF THE TRUTH by J. Guibone also though I didn’t quite expect the ending to this story. It was short but I really wanted more. It would be nice to read about what would happen to Elmer and the congregation and also the priest. Other stories were also good but I think they have a previous book that I would have to read first but all in all I enjoyed every story in this wonderful anthology. Those women police officers are a wonder to read!! Looking forward to read future #HeistClub anthologies. All excerpts are promising and hopefully I can read them all in the near future. Definitely deserves a 5 star rating. ☆☆☆☆☆

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