The moment you came through the doors. I couldn’t even look you in the eyes. You wore a solemn look on your face and we avoided each others’ gazes.

We stood at least a feet apart at all times, ensuring that we don’t touch. It’s like as if all these empty space was not enough for us after all.

The tone of your voice become darker while mine become sadder. As tears streamed down my face you avoided my gaze from your guilt tripping place.

I tried to speak but I ended up repeating everything all over again. You only can say sorry and that isn’t enough. I’m filled with emotions and you just wanted this to all stop. So we just leave it there. Leave it hanging and filled with questions.

The problem with this is, it’s not a bad breakup. It’s just messed up. One day you make plans, loving me and the next day you say you don’t.

We didn’t have a bad relationship. We had a few minor disagreements here and there but nothing worth to be remembered. I guess you took it differently. There’s 3 sides to a relationship. His side, her side and the whole truth. The whole truth is what everyone needs to hear. The whole truth is what he needs to hear. What he have is his side and I guess that’s enough for him. I guess I was too much.

Everything will be better. But when? When will it be better? Because now it feels like never.

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