Rainbow Souls

Be the change but don’t try to change me for a rainbow needs both the sun and rain

Rainbow Souls

I live under a golden sky

covering berry hills.

Though my shores are pale

I doll up in a palette of waves.

From a distance you can see

my smokey hood like a turban.

So tilt your head slightly to see

my curves swirling in azul blues.

I can be a calm sea on a stormy day;

a calamity for those who isolate me.

I am your shelter and shrine.

I am both divine and humane.

I am the rainbow that strikes you

with truth flowing and ebbing in you.

Never grey or laid in black & white.

I am you in colors beneath the horizon.

I am you in motion consecrated in devotion.

I bear your reflection and consideration.

I am your soul I dwell on imperfection

to carry you through changes with conviction.

Be the change but don’t try to change me

for a rainbow needs both the sun and rain

to shine & over-arch all that is above and beneath.

Treasure me, and life will be your prize.


Catch more of Pasithea Chan with her previous posts here. You can also find her brand of poetry on Facebook.

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Pasithea Chan
Impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy. https://twitter.com/RogueMalachite

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