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That evening she burnt her curry while cooking – this tiny incident made her realize that she had to act fast. Sitting and worrying was not being of any help.

The Sign

That evening she burnt her curry while cooking – this tiny incident made her realize that she had to act fast. Sitting and worrying was not being of any help.

It felt familiar. And it scared her. Being a single parent was hard enough – earning well to provide with a quality life for two living in a metropolitan city and spending quality time with her son was becoming increasingly difficult. More so, with her recent promotion at office. Yet, Meera tried with all her heart to make sure that Sohan was getting her undivided affection and attention. Divorce wasn’t easy – they were still dealing with it.

Sohan, her son, has always been shy and introvert. He neither talked much, nor did he want to. But he was observant and sensitive.

The door was locked. Almost always for the past 5 days. Meera had had heard tales of other kids who were tricked into doing drugs; and before they knew it, they were already addicted. Was it a sign that her teenager too, was caught in the loop? She was sick with worry. She always had to knock and wait for him to open the door. As she waited, she could hear him shuffling something and cleaning up before opening the door.

She did not know how to approach – if it was really the drugs, she would have to stop it right away! But how should she open the conversation, how should she bring up the topic, she wondered. That evening she burnt her curry while cooking – this tiny incident made her realize that she had to act fast. Sitting and worrying was not being of any help.

Switching off the gas burner, she walked to Sohan’s room and knocked. She took a deep breath and pasted on a smile and waited for the shuffling to stop and the door to open. As soon as the door opened, she greeted, “hello dear,” surprising her son.

A pregnant and awkward pause later, she asked, “okay I do not know how to say this but are you doing drugs? By any chance?”

“No,” replied Sohan defensively and then added, “Why would you think that?”

“Then why do you always keep your door locked? And what is all those shuffling all about?” she asked, almost crying with relief.

A tiny smile escaped his lips and he walked up to his table to bring out a book on the American Sign Language for beginners. He explained that there was a new boy, Neeraj, in his football club who played beautifully but was deaf mute. Sohan wished to befriend him and was teaching himself the sign language. For that he needed to practice in front of the mirror. He didn’t know his innocuous act of locking the door to practice would worry Meera so much.

She laughed. A bit embarrassed by herself. And a lot touched by his sensitivity. She hugged Sohan and suggested, “how about going out for dinner? I burnt the curry I was cooking.”


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Bidisa Sarkar

Bidisa Sarkar

i am an insanely positive person; i love to keep myself occupied and i love dressing up. i am very talkative and i believe talking is very very therapeutic. A true-blue Virgoan. I relate very well with Monica’s obsession (with cleanliness) and Phoebe’s optimism. Yes two very different but i believe i am Phoebesque Monica.

i love books; reading and penning down are two of my several hobbies.

And here you get a sneak peeks into my life through my writings- both fiction and non fiction are based on or inspired from my own or people i love or people i have met recently.

Being a writer, doctor and a social butterfly, i meet a lot of people. And i believe in, “everything you do or say may be used in my story!”

last but not the least, i believe in magic…..but, for magic to work, one needs work as well ?

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  1. This story tells a lot about the family. But what’s more relatable is the struggle to reach out for an introverted son. As a mother, it is really hard to catch up on what’s going on with your child, how much more if he’s an introvert. As a parent, single or not, you will slowly feel your children wandering away from you as they become an adult and the challenge is you have to make them feel the need to tell you what they’re into, not just to make them feel that someone cares about them but also for you to know how you are going to guide them. This story is an example of breaking walls, no matter how introverted the son is, the mother intently reaches out. The world needs more mother like her, especially this generation, where communication becomes digital and illegal drugs are easier to get involved into. This generation needs more of a mother like her, who, despite of being single, (I’m not saying that you must be a single parent to prove how good you are at parenting) she is able to raise a child who is very sensitive about his sorroundings, she also demonstrates that children needs more than just financial support, they also need mental and emotional sup

  2. It’s always a good move for parents to take the initiative and look out for their children, specially we live in a world full of negativity.

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