When umbers and shadows play, a peasant
blends effortlessly into a landscape standing
in the shade beneath a rust clay cottage seeking
shelter under tall carob and mocha trees
with draping juniper and seaweed leaves.

There light dances in shades of tortilla shadows
from brushstrokes falling on fading leaves around a ginger
chimney breathing peanut fumes permeating daydream
horizons swirling ivory clouds fading into wheat strokes.

A contrasting sky falls off a newly brightened palette
to vividly scatter its flowery blessings like jeweled beacons
of wild alum daisies, tawny anemones, tangerine cockles,
blush chamomiles, and pickle chartreuse leave bushels
lingering by currant poppies, taffy bellflowers, and coral daisies.

Overall, Van Gogh’s dark hues diffuse lighter umbers
of tawny caramels to infuse with crocodile pear greens
and lime parakeet leaves allowing this misunderstood
genius to brush a stupendous masterpiece of post
impressionism tour de force on oil in a visually
compelling and marvelously composed piece.


Author’s Notes:

Written in Ekphrastic Free Verse in 20 lines and 154 words.
The poem is about Van Gogh’s La Chaumière Sous Les Arbres” (English translation: “The Cottage under the trees”).

For the following contest: https://allpoetry.com/contest/2701322-Picture-Prompt—La-chaumi%C3%A8re-sous-les-arbr-noguest
Credit for the painting goes to: http://www.artfixdaily.com/images/fl/Van_Gogh11406x1500.jpg



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