I remember the day I made a friend

To be so close is not what I intend

A relationship that blossomed through the years

I never thought that someday it would bring me tears


She never judged, she understood

Despite the instant changes in my mood

Love her, cherish her, is all I could

If I can have her back I definitely would


I remember when I used to hold her close

She was everything, the one I love the most

My absence during her final breath I regret

My presence could have saved her from death


With a broken heart I imagined never to love again

How can anyone replicate my feelings back then

Tricks have been played, fate decided otherwise

My frail heart fell when I gazed into her eyes


My life renewed, my heart broken no more

My felicity, my trust and my faith restored

Whilst I know I still would be in solitary

The moments we have I’ll forever carry


For my Panda, the dog I lost and for Bambi, the dog I found.