Lake Above an Ocean

Author’s Notes:
This piece was inspired by the GoogooDolls’ single Notbroken. It stands to represent the importance of having an open mind and the courage to take things as they come no matter how they might break us.


Rivers run towards oceans.
Lakes run through vales.
All are but nature’s tales
with a common sense that never fails.
But what if I told you
of a lake that forsake
its vale to rise
above the ocean?
What if I told you
rain fills its basin
not rivers or waves?
Nature’s logic has no staves.
Where judgment begins
perception ends.
Where perceptions end
learning ceases to be a trend.
Sometimes we need to perceive
in order to believe and achieve.
But how can we perceive
what we don’t believe?
I’ve seen a lake rise like a layered cake
towering above an ocean’s rake.
From a distance, all I saw was a flake
but the closer I got, I knew it wasn’t fake.
We are all aspiring lakes
trying to avoid being rakes
bound by personal stakes
that have no brakes
yet yield a life that breaks.

Catch more of Pasithea Chan with her previous posts here. You can also find her brand of poetry on Facebook.

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