Song of the Autumn Nymphs

In the silence
Of the dead woods
Where the lonely trees
All stood
The autumn nymphs
To the haunting tunes
of memory’s trance
As they all sing
Drink in, drink in
The satiating scents
Of the blooms born
Though the heart
Lies broken
For the
Leaves crisp and torn
Sing a hymn
Praise the
Springing colours
If you must
Though the heart
Lies broken
For the deepest
shade of rust
Dance with us
To the
Of the fall
New life will
Spring up
Where our sprightly
Steps fall
The requiem
As the nymphs
Until the woods
In tranquility
None shall appear.
Watch the marvel
Let the Reaper rest
As beauty rises
From chaos
and new life
From the dust.

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