Thank You

I’m letting you go, it’s been a sweet and amazing road that we’ve traveled together that it’s hard to let you go but I have to. We laughed together,  cried together,  built the most beautiful dream, reached the peak of each mountain and ran the hardest hurdle ..  and yes we made it through everything. That was fun, great.. uhm the greatest thing that ever happened in my life. Now things are kind of much suffocating for you and maybe for me, we need to breathe new air other than ours. We must walk a course separately, enjoy ourselves and reminisce the good times we had together. No, I don’t wish for you to find happiness in someone else’s arms nor would permit you to have and take a sweet smile other than mine. I will not allow you to make dreams without me, never. That’s how I am, I am selfish.
Those were my thoughts when I let you go or should I say when you left. My world crumbled, dreams suddenly shattered. I was left crying, trembling, dying. I wished the day won’t pass, I needed the night to be longer than usual. I can’t recognize winter from summer all was gloomy and cold. A day seemed forever. The ticking of the clock was unbearable, hitting me over and over with sharper pain I never felt before until all was black, cold and then emptiness. I’ve been through hell and lot more. Don’t know how long I was in the dark until one day I finally woke up from that long nightmare.

The sun is up warm and inviting.

Go start the day,  begin to smile and live a beautiful life.

“Thank you”.


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