I Am Integrity

I Am Integrity

I Am Integrity


I am a believer of Integrity. For me, Integrity is a simple word and yet it’s hard to see the full implications of it. Like in the workplace, in our government. Especially government officials, different government agencies. School. and sad to say even in our own family in our relatives.

Integrity is Honesty. It means doing the right thing in every aspect, it’s truthfulness.

The reality of the true meaning of integrity is not seen every day, you won’t see it every time, sad but it’s true.

I, myself, admit there times my honesty is being tested. I don’t deny sometimes my Integrity was compromised. I do feel bad about it. It’s just that there are situations that are inevitable that would push my patience. There was a time I lied and U have to agree to my friend’s statement. I have to support him. It’s like that time for me, it was a situation of “Life & Death” thing. It may sound exaggerated but it did happen. If I will not support him. He won’t be able to graduate from Senior High School.

There will be no graduation picture with him. There will be no graduation march with him. There will ni diploma for him. It is the future that was at stake at that time. His future I felt bad but I felt glad too. I was able to help. I learned a lot It gave us a lesson. We both learned from it and those experiences made our friendship stronger and we both realized that “Time and Money” should not be wasted and we both learned the value of Integrity.

I realized that the total honesty and sincerity of a person is the “Most Prized Possession” that a man could have.

The most important principle is Integrity. It’s hard if it has been compromised and you will have a hard time to earn that again you will need a lot of hard work and patience once you lose your integrity it will be your biggest rock it will become the biggest question in your life. It will be your biggest “what if I did not lie? What if I did not do it?” What if I did not say that?” It is going to be your biggest “What if”

I believe a man with integrity should have a moral foundation. Everything starts in our home. In our family. Parents should raise their kids with moral and strong foundation of integrity. Honesty should be practice every day. Parents will be the best example and everything will follow.

As I grow old I become to see and have a full understanding of integrity. Always do what is right. We should always honest and transparent all the time. In our actions in our words. Even the truth will hurt you, even it will hurt your family or your love once or even your friend. Be honest in our words Be honest in all of our actions. Even giving out our opinion we should be honest with it or giving out your “Point of View”
Even it does hurt others. Just make sure you will use subtle words. Be careful with your choice of words.

Integrity is also keeping your commitment.
Keeping your promises. A man should have honor, a man of “word of honor”. No one would believe if you cant keep your promise. You cant comply with the agreement many of us having a hard time to keep promises. It will definitely compromise our integrity some because of money, power, fame. We become weak as a millennial, social media is a big thing. The number 1 factor that compromised our honesty and Integrity.


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