I am Industrious

I am Industrious

I Am Industrious

Industry – A representation of how we view our function as well as the day-to-day tasks that we are assigned to do. We simply work hard and know how to manage our time, effort, and resource.” In that statement, I saw that I am an industrious person.

I want to share my personal experience with you. In my family, I have 2 siblings and I am the eldest, my sibling next to me is in 1st year High School and the youngest is only 2 years old. I am responsible for assisting my brother in his school works and taking care of my naughty little sister as well as doing some household chores. At the same time, I was also a full-time student, an athlete, and a member of the student government during my Elementary and High School days. Yes, it is really hard to do it because there are times that I have school works and training on the same day but I still manage my time and priority properly. Of course, my first priority is my academics; I tend to do all my school works first before the training so that after it, I can take a rest. When there are upcoming programs and activities inside and outside my school, I also lend my hand to help to promote our school, sharing my prior knowledge as well as my skills. Today, I am now a 1st Year College at National University, a marketing student and a committee of NU- Junior Marketing Association under Communication under the External Affairs Department. New friends, new people, and new environments, it is hard to adjust because I am not used to it but I am starting to explore and discover more. I want to go out of the box and conquer the world. There is always a fire inside my heart that keeps on burning and telling me “Go on! You can do it, keep on fighting until you succeed!” No one will stop me until I become successful.

Life is not easy, it is really tough. There have been a lot of struggles and challenges that I have encountered in my life since then. There are times that I doubt myself that I cannot do my obligations and responsibilities to do every day, that I cannot finish it, and I will not proceed to the next chapter of my life but I was wrong. I should not be like that, I realize that I need to be brave enough to conquer anything and never give up no matter what happens. There are many times that I doubt, I failed, I breakdown but I made it as an inspiration in my life because those are one of the reasons why I keep on learning and striving. The Lord God, my family, and loved ones are also my sources of everything I have now. Just keep on being positive and be hungry for success because it will help you become a better person to achieve your goals in life.


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