the ugly writers

Personal Format

Personal Format

To find or lose yourself
simply format or align
your life to another’s path.

To confuse yourself
simply right or left align
conducts to expectations’ math.

Failure is justifying yourself
amidst a hurtful decline.
Why feed fire another lath?

I used to justify myself
until I forgot what was mine;
and saw honesty’s aftermath.

I guess I, me, and myself
is not such a bad line
given life’s bypath.

Honesty is something you owe yourself
not others no matter how benign.
Reason dies in blame’s wrath.

I once dropped myself
in friendship’s wine.
But reality gave me a bath!


Author’s Notes
Inspired by : ‘Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again’ , Joseph Campbell.


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the ugly writers

the ugly writers

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Pasithea Chan
Impressionist who enjoys writing poetry in symbolism laced with philosophy.
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