The Sun

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The Sun


What would it take

To keep it burning?

What would it cost

To see its radiance?

What would you risk

To feel its rays?

What would you sacrifice

To make it glow?

A moment of your time

Or perhaps an eternity?

A piece of your soul

Or maybe your entire being?

A wall to scale

Or probably a mountain to move?

A chain to break

Or it could be a beast to slay?

It may seem a lot

and you wanted to work for it

It may look arduous

and you pledged to it

It may be the quest of a lifetime

and you vowed to see it through


when it comes to the sun

to see its blaze

its entrancing beauty

its captivating form

its comforting warmth

its… it

hell, it’s all so worth it

because the sun is worth it


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the ugly writers

the ugly writers

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