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The following are my self-formulated principles that I think are essential for a person to be successful in any undertaking.


1. Never compromise your integrity.

This is my first and foremost principle in life because without this, all the achievements and successes are worthless. Integrity is integral in the wholeness of a person.

2. Know what you want.

This principle is important for me because it somehow gave me the idea of what I want to become. I knew to myself that I am fond of speaking and thinking analytically, and I also want to have my own business someday so I chose a business course. Knowing what you want gives you a hint of what you could be someday.

3. Do what you want.

This principle comes after the second principle. A lot of people make decisions based on external stimulants(friends, family, and the like), not knowing they are doing it. Listen to your inner voice and do what makes your heart flutter. The vast majority of people do things to please those external stimulants and end up doing the work that they do not even have the slightest interest. We all have a choice. Follow our greatest desire and do great or follow those external stimulants and regret those decisions for the rest of our lives.

4. Invest in your character.

Investing in your character is the greatest investment that you can make. A well-conditioned character is providential to success, this is because your progress stops where your character stops. Success can never exceed the character.

5. Focus and persistence outwit nature’s resistance.

No matter the odds, if you are persistent and focused, nothing is impossible. There are countless of noble individuals that outwitted nature’s resistance. These are the people that didn’t accept poverty as their ending fate. People like Henry Sy worked their way up with intense focus and persistence. No, every successful person made it happen without persistence and unwavering focus on their goal.

6. Develop a pleasing personality and a spirit of harmony towards people.

This is by far the hardest principle for me to apply in my life. I believe by developing this principle, one can do his job freely and without discomfort. Having a quarrel with fellow workers can affect the overall performance of a business or organization. Unity creates a workforce that can produce notable results. This principle should also be checked by the first principle. Harmonizing with people doesn’t mean you compromise your integrity.


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