Indeed a mystery

Indeed a mystery is an essay written and shared by Mira Dizon for The Ugly Writers for the theme All Filipino.


Indeed a mystery…



Life… What comes to your mind whenever you hear this word? Isn’t mysterious the best adjective to describe it?

When I was younger, I always thought about how easy life is, how colorful, how basic and uncomplicated. As simple as I was born to play crazy games, sing those old songs and dance till my legs are tired. But the truth behind this, it is unpredictable, very much peculiar. As time goes by, we tend to realize that it was a trap of constant cycle and changes, all we need to do is adapt and we don’t have choices.

I still remember the famous saying “Life is like a box of chocolates you’ll never know what you’re gonna get” and that’s the bold truth. The hours keep passing and our preference changes from time to time. Mom and dad are aging and we’ve grown up as well. And one thing is certain, tomorrow is not promised and we don’t what will happen and that makes it worth living for. That’s life and it will forever remain a mystery.


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