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Mira Dizon

Silent Scream

the ugly writers
Why does it so hard to be happy? Why can't we choose what we really want? Why can't we love the one we really love?


the ugly writers
I woke up this morning and I don't feel like checking on you anymore. I just don't care what you wear, what you post on your social media accounts and I don't know why.


the ugly writers
It's been a while Since I saw your smile As always you made me calm I stare passionately...


Missed is an essay written and shared by Mira Dizon to The Ugly Writers under the theme Love for the month of May.   Missed   Saying the word “I miss you” isn’t a sufficient thing. I would like to…


the ugly writers
There's still One life left. Only to find in the end... That the missing piece Is you...

Walang Gana

the ugly writers
Oo, nakakapagod na ang makipabuno sa takbo ng buhay ngayon. Minsan ay naisip mo na rin na sana ay maglaho ka nalang na parang bula upang matapos na ang lahat. Lahat ng nararanasan mong pagkabagot, paghihirap at pagka antala sa iyong buhay.

See Through the End

the ugly writers
Change is constant, nothing's permanent. What's important is that we must know how to cope in these trying times. The ending does not necessarily mean we're doomed. Let's all get through the darkness until we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

An open letter

the ugly writers
I am indeed a different person now, I can say that I've been stronger, braver and wiser. Well, no not stronger, to tell you honestly, I am still longing for your presence.


the ugly writers
She's by herself - alone And then she realized that it's okay. Because the moon, It may be alone, but still has a purpose.


Enchanted   Have you ever watched the sunset? I bet there’s a melancholic feeling as another day is finally coming to it’s end. An orangy sky with a seabed of white and gray clouds that keeps on passing by. The…


the ugly writers
And every night That you sleep tight I just stare at the moon Asking that you'd be back soon

Indeed a mystery

the ugly writers
Tomorrow is not promised and we don't what will happen and that makes life worth living for