An Open Letter is an essay written and shared by Mira Dizon to The Ugly Writers for the theme Pandemic this month of April.


An Open Letter


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Are you doing fine? Are you at peace? Are you happy?

These are just words that I would want to utter when I meet you again. I would like to initiate a friendly, comfortable and familiar conversation just like the old times.

I would like to tell you how my life changed from the moment that you left. I am indeed a different person now, I can say that I’ve been stronger, braver and wiser. Well, no not stronger, to tell you honestly, I am still longing for your presence. My heart knows and already accepted the fact that we couldn’t be together anymore. So many what-ifs, could haves and hope so.

But for now, what I can only do is think of you. You, constantly running in my mind. Every morning when I wake up, every minute of day. I felt the despair of course but looking at the brighter side when you are on my mind. I can see you, I can feel you, I can talk to you. I am just being contented for now as I can still be with you in my memory. That’s enough for me, for now.


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