Beauty behind your scar


What comes into your mind when you hear the word ” move on”? Isn’t it one of the heaviest things to do? Even just hearing the word you’ll know the intensity of the burden someone’s got to go through in these times.

Moving on from a loved one who just passed away, getting over an ended relationship, marching on the stage for your graduation, these are just examples of moving on. Imagine the mixture of emotions from leaving the memories behind.

We are so into the impression of moving on as painful, distressing, and heartbreaking. Indeed it is, but somehow, we tend to learn more, grow, and be stronger in these times. And when we are totally over it, we heal. I think it’s a constant cycle of being hurt, moving forward, healing and learning. Moving on is one of the hardest yet truly fulfilling part of life. The truth is we will all undergo this and that is essential.

To everyone, who’s struggling from overcoming these circumstances of life, I wish you see the good in it as I see it now. It is truly hard at first just like how a deep wound hurts, but as time goes by the pain will start to fade until the cut is no longer visible but will only leave a mark called scar. And the scar will symbolize the healing you gained from the wound itself. Cheer up, Sweetheart! One day, you will be proud to wear these scars.


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