Have you ever watched the sunset? I bet there’s a melancholic feeling as another day is finally coming to it’s end. An orangy sky with a seabed of white and gray clouds that keeps on passing by. The transition of warm air into cool breeze. How about the sound of the waves crashing that keeps on bumping into the rocks? And the colony of birds that are singing, all waiting for the sun to be consumed by the darkness.

Sunset is one of the most beautiful thing to be observed. I’ve waited for it for hours only to last a few seconds. But still one of the things I would like to do all my life. I’ll never get tired of watching it from a far, while sitting on the seashore, with the sand on my feet, salty smelling air and a familiar company beside me. I may feel a little bit of despair as the sun bows down, but it’s still a meaningful ending as it gives way to another beautiful beginning that we call “morning”.

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Mira Dizon
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  1. You’re a great writer and I love how you express the sunset. I like how you do a poem and articles. You do a great job!. Keep it up 😊

  2. Valbuena Franchesca Claire B., INF 194, Art 🎨 Apprecation Colors and MX, The Golden Hours

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