Old Pages

Old Pages

Old Pages is an essay written and shared by Vanessa Enfectana to The Ugly Writers for the month of March 2020.


Old Pages


My life is a whole book.

I always look forward for the things that are ahead of me;

eager for a new journey…

for a new chapter.

Sometimes it is good to think that we are able to step into different places to conquer different challenges.

Be able to meet new people, new smiles and even hear the song of the tears.

But it is sad too,

knowing that there will be a day that you have to leave them.

People come and go.

What happens today will be just a memory by tomorrow.

Sigh. But it is how we have to deal with life.

Today I decided to turn back the pages of my book and I saw an old photo of us.

I don’t know why, but it still hurts.

Thousands of people have crossed my life

But whenever I remember you. I still feel same pain;

the same longingness.

I miss those smile of yours.

I miss how you tease me and laugh at my face.

Looking back, I can still hear your voice telling me how much you love me.

I can still remember every word in your promises.

Your face is still so clear in my memory.

I miss you so much.

And somehow I wonder if you feel the same.

Do you ever think of me?

Do you ever miss me?

Do you still remember those memories we had?

Are you still telling others about me?

It’s just sad how this story of us becomes a legend.

Though at some point, I am happy. Cause somehow, one time in my life. I had you.


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Vanessa M. Enfectana

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Joanna Mae Andrade

Don’t be sad. May mga tao talaga na dumadating sa buhay natin para pasayahin tayo pansamantala pero hindi ibig sabihin na iniwan ka ng tao na yun ay ititigil mo na yong buhay mo. Keep it up, always smile lahat yan malalagpasan mo atleast naging part ka ng buhay niya, nakasama mo siya kahit panandaliang panahon lang. 😊

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