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Rise Up

My eyes are ordinary but you can see the truth from it. It is a clear well of who I am inside.

Rise Up


Looking at my reflection, I see a plain boring girl. She is so far different from being a hot sexy model. Someone who can drool every guy wherever she walks. She is not a beautiful barbie doll. Her face has nothing on it, not even lipstick to brighten her pale lips. Her eyes are ordinary; I cannot see anything special on her. She is also not as smart as other people. She is not as talented as other girls. She wears no beautiful dress but a simple shirt and pants.

And so I grab a hand full of water and wash my face and look again in the mirror. I asked myself “what do you see?”

As I looked back, I saw myself. A simple yet happy version of me. I may not be as hot or as sexy or as captivating but I am myself and that’s what keeps me sassy. I have no makeup on my face as I am confident about how I look like. I know I am real with every single line on my face. That all the imperfections you can see declare how real I am. I am not a barbie doll, cause a barbie doll is made to smile just to look beautiful but mine is better as my happiness comes from within. My eyes are ordinary but you can see the truth from it. It is a clear well of who I am inside. There is no cinderella type of dress for me. I may be simple and ragged sometimes but I am a princess in my own world. I’m not as smart as other girls, but I’m working so hard to learn and grow and that’s what a wise person does.

So for all the girls out there who feel down due to their insecurities, rise up and look at the real beauty in you.


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