Bakit ba tayo nagsusulat?

the ugly writers

Bakit ba tayo nagsusulat? is an essay previously written with the title, “A writer once said”.


I dunno why I am here. All I know that I’m in pain, tired physically, mentally, and emotionally. So let’s get started with this one question, “Bakit ba tayo nagsusulat?” Bakit nga ba?

To express?

To voice out what we feel?

To develop our passion?

To escape from reality?

Yes, that’s more than one hundred percent correct. Nagsusulat tayo dahil baka sakali na may makarelate satin, na mafeel natin na hindi tayo nag iisa sa battle na to, na baka may makaintindi satin even just for once. Bakit nga ba ako nandito? I just found myself typing this. Maybe because of the fact that people in our surroundings only knew how to listen but don’t know how to understand our situation, isn’t it? Yes, they listen but the fact is they didn’t care. So we just ended up keeping our thoughts on ourselves. Hi, this is Ann Padilla (not my full name) glad to be here. Have a nice day.


;like the moon, not always full but always beautiful.

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