On the edge

On the edge

One the edge is a poem written and shared by Shi Hui of IreviewUread for The Ugly Writers with the theme “STUCK!”


On the edge

That sunken feeling in your stomach

The anchor in your heart

To be on the verge of crying

But yet nothing comes out.

Walking away in my mind,

It is a different story from walking away in real life.

For my body is not my mind

And it is neither mine.

The line between hate and love is drawn finely

The emotions amongst time rise greatly.

They stack up to be a tower.

A tower that is due to fall.

Too blind to see

The rubbles in front of me

Determined to leave the man behind me

Assured of what I deduced

But a question still urges me

Why do I still get butterflies inside of me?


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the ugly writers

the ugly writers

the ugly writers

Shi Hui | IreviewUread

More than a Beauty Blogger, Less than a Youtuber. Shi Hui is a confused being that produce beauty and lifestyle reviews on her blog and youtube channel. Besides that she also produces DIY tutorial and vlogs about her life in Singapore. Read all that and more on her website.


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